A Toddler's Trike Trail
. . . for those youngsters too young to ride a trail elsewhere.

 Bring your own trike, or ride ours.

We have the first and only trike trail for toddlers in Wisconsin, and in fact, the entire United States! Sparta proclaims itself the Bicycling Capital of America, but WE are the Trike Trail Capital!

For families, there is a picnic shelter and grill.

We have a 40 foot long "pretend" train on which kids can play.

The "real" train ride is about 850 feet long with a tunnel to go through (it's really our snow shed for winter storage).
The large playground for kids features commercially built swings including aluminum critters which kids can ride: a lion, hippo, pelican, etc. Six in all.

Under Construction NOW, and Opening for the 2011 Season . . .
Expansion of the Train Ride!


Switching operations have come to our working railroad. Work is on the verge of completion in the fall of 2010 - and will be ready for riders in the 2011 season.


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